Gallery - Furniture

My current furniture items for sale at The Bird Barn

A pair of blue hand painted French bedside tables 120 euros Sold

Old large beautiful church stained glass window painted wooden surround 250 euros. 

Trolley and matching chair 140 euros

French beside units 75 euros each Sold

Item title  J

Dressing table 120 euros SOLD

Double bed, large chest of drawers and bedside table with attached ornate cherubs  SOLD

Blue trolley 80 euros

Large sideboard painted in mustard

75 euros sold

120 euros sold

55 euros sold


Circa 18th century walnut dessert buffet lift up lid, marble top inside painted blue and gilded in bronze

Dinning table, blue and gilded in bronze to match the buffet. Hand painted cherub artwork on the top

75 euros hand painted

75 euros  also hand painted 

65 euros

Large Candle holder  SOLD

Our Shop

wardrobe 180 euros

more of the shop

Stained Glass 250 euros sold

Wardrobe SOLD

Little Victorian table 120 euros and open front unit sold 65 euros

Tapestry chairs 100 euros pair

Blue painted and gilded 1930s writing desk 165 euros

My bird cage on my desk x

The shop and tarot cards painted by Chris Derry

Our feral Cat... Archie the one gets passed him without being attacked..

Victorian table and chairs SOLD

Old French large stained  glass panel SOLD

Pair of gold and red velvet chairs 40 euros the pair

little French Table  SOLD

Beautiful Ornate cream dressing table mirror SOLD

Large farmhouse table, grey and silver painted legs 160 euros

Old wardrobe door - standing Mirror 95 euros sold

Blue and Gold bedside/lamp tables 55 euros


Large green and gold mirror 80 Euros Sold

Large crucifix 40 euros

Painting by Chris Derry

Item title

Old table - flowers hand painted by Chris Derry

Beautiful French buffet before I paint it

Item title

Blue cupboard with painted flowers 40 euros

Little tray table 50 euros Sold

Large Antique Chest 200 euros

Item title

Baguette Box 40 euros 

Item title

French Buffet painted pale pink 340 euros

Item title

Black and gold chest of drawers  SOLD

Item title

Pretty Chest of drawers 120 euros sold

Little sewing box 30 euros sold


Blanket box 95 euros

Silver Mirror Sold

Beautiful Victorian washstand - Sold

Commission African Queen Seat Painted and gilded

Large chest of drawers 160 euros and large mirror 110 euros painted gold and green 

Lovely blue chest of drawers 100 euros

Cream chest of drawers 100 euros


11 Place du Martray
Jugon-les-Lacs, Brittany, 22270, FR

The Bird Barn offers a 'Cornucopia of Pleasures' for anyone looking for something to enhance their home

Andy Stonard my Husband
Chris Derry - All Artwork, pottery and commissions
Garry Frostick - Web Site & Design
Steve Struck and Lynn Waring for all the help and support they  have given me 
Sean Bartley - Home Sweet Home
Kate DeRuty -  Amazing Upholsterer - Jugon Les Lacs

The Bird Barn