old tea/coffee set 40 euros

stunning chest SOLD

various stuff

Egyptian lamp SOLD

Item title


Large glass fronted old Buffet

Circa 1800s Spanish large chest 450 euros Sold


various Cherubs

Cake Stands

Item title

Bird cage and bird 25 euros sold

Various Victorian Tiles

Large ornate Coat hanger  SOLD

Blanket box 95euros

Large Christmas bird cage full of fairies and deer 140 euros sold

Item title

Gallery - Things

Some of my current 'things' for sale at The Bird Barn, more to be loaded

cherubs and mother picture circa 18th century sold

A pair of hand painted pictures 30 euros

Large beautiful painted grey mirror 145 euros sold

 set of iron beautiful plant stands SOLD

Rose mirror 60euros sold

large beautiful Victorian ornate mirror 160 euros

pink  and gold mirror 80 euros


gold and patina mirror  SOLD

dark lady statue 20 euros sold

Victorian old pine chest of drawers sold


beautiful wall sconces 60 euros  a pair black or cream
( cream sold out )

Item title

Teacup candle holder 25 euros

Pair of Lions 150 euros

Various candle holders and cherubs

Bird cage with birds and lights 40 euros

Large bird cage 140 euros sold


Item title

Hand made one off large sculptures by Chris Derry. This will be fired so that the colours are muted. 150 euros I will add all 4 when they are ready to go into the shop

By Chris Derry for the Bird Barn. 

By Chris Derry for the Bird Barn


11 Place du Martray
Jugon-les-Lacs, Brittany, 22270, FR

The Bird Barn offers a 'Cornucopia of Pleasures' for anyone looking for something to enhance their home

Andy Stonard my Husband
Chris Derry - All Artwork, pottery and commissions
Garry Frostick - Web Site & Design
Steve Struck and Lynn Waring for all the help and support they  have given me 
Sean Bartley - Home Sweet Home 
Kate DeRuty -  Amazing Upholsterer - Jugon Les Lacs

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